Step 1 : Personal Information
The Personal information have only 2 items as seen in image below. Personal Info

Step 2 : Cost of Employment
The following fields are available as part of Cost of employment as seen in image below:


Step 3 : Non standard allowances
The yearly total will be displayed within the blue bar as shown in image below. Non standard allowances

Step 4 : Standard Benefits
This field is a calculated field. You cannot enter a value here, it will automatically display a value if Medical aid option has been selected.

Medical benefit

Step 5 : Deductions
A total (monthly and annually) are available in the Deduction header as shown below in image.


The following deductions are available:
Step 7 : Non Standard Deductions
Non Standard deductions can be added here. A running total Monthly and Yearly will be available in the blue header.
The screen will be as follows when entering the screen for the first time:

Non standard deductions
Steps in adding a deductions: The item will be entered in a grid as shown below, you can now continue adding more items. You can also remove an item, by just clicking on the "Delete" link on the right. You can also edit an amount by clicking on the "Edit" link on the right.


Step 8 : Create report
By cliking on "Create Report" button will give you an options to Save it as pdf to your local hard drive or to view it.