Cost of Employment Schedule Calculation

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NOTE: Calculations based on the year 2023/2024 Budget Tax Tables

Personal Detail

Cost of Employment(CoE)

Medical Aid selection: Total(Annual) R
You can only select Discovery Flexcare options, if you do not have a registered SA medical aid scheme as either the main member or spouse/partner dependant and that you are in payclass 2-6.
Number of Members
Discovery 2023 prices valid 1 April 2023
Number of Members for Selected Plan

Vitality/Key Fit Options(Montly Contribution)
The KeyFIT product is closed to new business from 1 January 2019. Existing members can remain on KeyFIT or move to an alternative Vitality product. KeyFIT benefits will remain for existing members.
Total Monthly Plan Contribution (R )

Non Standard Allowances: Total(Annual) R
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Retirement Annuity
(If you contribute to a Retirement Annuity in your personal capacity and provide HR with proof of these contributions, HR will take these contributions into account for the purpose of calculating your tax.)
Medical Aid (Vitality)

Non standard Deductions